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Matric English Essay My Hobby

Matric English Essay My Hobby

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Matric English Essay My Hobby

Hobby or Pastime is an activity which a person performs in his spare or leisure time. It is pursued for relaxation and pleasure and not as a main occupation. They bring a feeling of joy and satisfaction to man. Hobbies help us to pass our free time happily as when man has nothing to do. His mind is like devils one.

"Idle Brain is a devil's workshop."

And hobbies make us bury. They add zest to dull and monotonous life. They stimulate the mind and leave an imprint upon character.-Hobbies enhance creativity and develop our skill, refresh our minds. These are a source of recreation for retired people as well.

Hobbies indicate the versatility of the individual. Great men were well known for their hobbies. Samuel Johnson, the famous eighteenth century suit and lexicographer loved cats. George Lewis studied longevity. Gladstone, the Prime Minister of England after dived into Mathematics. Sir James Jeans was fond of music and Sir Winston Churchill was fond of painting.

Hobby also provides us information and helps us to solve many problems. My hobby is book reading. In my opinion, this is the best hobby. It provides us information, gives us relaxation and helps us in passing our spare time joyfully. A person who adopts this hobby, In fact, does not need any friend because.

"Books are our best friends"

I have this hobby since my childhood, when I was quite young, only about six, seven years old. In start, I was very fond of reading colorful story books and charming poems. I had a great collection of story books.
But with passage of time, I stopped reading those books. Now I read all kinds of books, historical books, Islamic books, books on science and technology, novels and poetic books. Books of poetry have their entertainment value. Books of travel take us to unknown lands, peoples and customs.

"Books enlighten our intellect and broaden our vision."

I have a number of books. Mainly I am interested in literacy books. Urdu literature is the most interesting. Poetry also appeals me especially poetry of Iqbal has its own importance. I am also interested in study of books on latest research work in science and technology as they increase our information.

I like my all books. I like most my hobby because it is not only a source of relaxation but also a source of information. Whenever I am alone or have nothing to do, I take out any look and started reading it and my spare time passes joyfully.

In fact, all hobbies make life charming and add to our happiness. They bring us new friends and make us social. But book reading is a great hobby because.
"Books are of greatest importance in our life."

Written by:  Shahid Bashir  &  Shakel

Compiled by: Asad Hussain