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Matric English Essay Courtesy

Matric English Essay Courtesy

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Matric English Essay Courtesy

Courtesy means to practice good manners, refined habits and polite behavior. Courtesy, infect springs from good breeding, nobleness of mind and the gentile heart. Courtesy works well in all walks of life. To be more precise, to do one's duty in a consummate manner displays courtesy.

A courteous person is always kind, helpful and tolerant towards others. At home parents should be loving and kind to their offspring. The children should be obedient to their elders. An employer should be caring to his employees, while the employees should be sincere and laborious to their employer. One should be helpful and considerate to his neighbors. A citizen should be law abiding and loyal to his country. A teacher should be humble and sympathetic to his students while they should be respectful and obedient to their teachers. Good netiquettes also demand that we offer our seat to an elderly person while traveling on a bus or a train. We should not jump out of a queue or violate a traffic signal.

The Holy Prophet (SAW) is the paragon of courtesy in the Islamic History. It was the charisma of his sublime morals that transformed a barbarous nation into a civilized one. It means that our courteous acts and polite words can produce wonders. If each one of us acts upon some simple norms of morality, we may form a great nation that can stand distinct and successful in the comity of a nation. Someone has very aptly said:

"Goodness begins from courteous hearts”

Written by:  Shahid Bashir  &  Shakel

Compiled by: Asad Hussain