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Matric English Essay My Best Friend

Matric English Essay My Best Friend

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Matric English Essay My Best Friend

Friendship, a peculiar boon of Heaven, the noble minds delight and pride, to men and angels only given, to all the lower world denied.

Friendship is a great blessing. A man who has sincere and selfless friends is very lucky. Friendship, in fact, is a source through which one gets inspiration and wisdom to live one's life in a better way. A friend is not the person to exploit other's weakness. He is benefactor. A friend in need is not a friend indeed. A Sanskrit verse says.

Six folds are the characteristics of the friends; he gives and receives, presents, confides and is entrusted with secrets, entertains and is entertained at feasts.

1 am a student of Matric class up to this stage of my life, 1 have come in contact with many a girl of my age, but none of them proved worthy of being a good friend. Many of them were quite attractive and engaging but they parted at an early stage of friendship.

Recently, I have found a friend in the person of a girl. She is not only my class fellow but also my neighbor. Her father is a lecturer in English in Government College. She has a fair complexion and sharp features. She has dark brown eyes and curly brown hairs. She possesses a cheerful deposition. A personally smile always play upon her face.

She is sincere and honest. She is kind and generous. She is always well dressed.
She is neat and clean in her habits also. She does not mix with bad class fellows and avoids their company. She has a sound health, and she is intelligent as well.
She is very hardworking and helps me a lot. She is very curious and wants to go deep into every matter. She never abuses and never quarrels. She has cool head Gardening is her hobby. She is always helpful to the weak students.

She is a Very good student. She wants to become doctor. Teachers are all praise for her. Her father is also a source of encouragement for her. She is trying to get best grades in coming Matric Examination.

But all this does not means that she is a book worm. She takes part in school activities. She is an active student of school. She is an impressive debater. She speaks with confidence. She is a very good painter. Not only this, she is a very good player of Tennis. She plays very well and has won many prizes in Tennis tournaments.

These are all her apparent qualities. But in fact she has a golden heart. She loves everyone. She is very kind to the poor and younger ones. She always respects her elders and teachers.

A friendship needs the basis of mutual understanding and that we have given. Given proper nourishment, a friendship such ours can prove a boon for society. In my view.

"Individual friendship should pang the way for friendships at large.

Written by:  Shahid Bashir  &  Shakel

Compiled by: Asad Hussain