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Matric English Essay A Railway Station

Matric English Essay A Railway Station

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Matric English Essay A Railway Station

The train drawn by the heavy engine would stop briefly for the passengers at places called railway stations. The British invented the railway and the locomotive. The rain - track was laid for the trains to connect different towns and villages on the route.

People come to the railway station to leave their dears, but some people come to receive their dears. The people who leave their dears they become sad and who receive their dears they become happy. Therefore,

"The railway station is a place which presents a blend of feeling of sorrows and joys”.

Last Sunday I went to the railway station with my father. He has a job there. I saw typical scenes there. The smart, uniformed station master and his staff hurriedly move - about when some train is due in or out. The platform is thronged with passengers, men, women and children. Some stay close to their piles of luggage, other just walk about looking at colorful ads. The vendors do roaring business. Their brightly lit stalls or barrows at different point attract the passengers. There is noise and clamor all around.

"A railway station obviously has typical scenes"

Meals, fruits, goal gappas, pakoras, books, magazines, souvenirs and knick - knacks sell like hot cakes. In summer, pitchers and fans are in great demand. Water coolers and taps were the busiest spots. There was a great crowd.

"The prospect of long arduous journey ahead worries the passengers"

Such a bustle follows, when the train pulls in at the platform. Some people pick their way politely along the crowded platform while others bump into one another as they got hurriedly from one compartment to another. Within a few minutes, the train is fully packed. The guard waves a green flag. The engine whistles and the train steams off. Soon the train picks up speed and is out of sight. The train is gone, the station staff has returned to their offices and now there is all calm and quiet at the railway station. Such are some of the scenes at the Railway Station.

Because of the different scenes of railway station we can say that:
"The Railway Station is A Place of Great Interest"

Written by:  Shahid Bashir  &  Shakel

Compiled by: Asad Hussain