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Matric 9th Biology Notes Chapter 2 Terms to Know

                            Matric 9th Biology Chapter-2

                                             TERMS TO KNOW

Bioinformatics: It refers to the use of computational and statistical techniques for the analysis of biological data.

Biological method: A specialized method used to solve a particular biological problem and find solution to specific questions asked regarding that problem.

Biological problem: A query about life that is either asked by someone or comes to a biologist mind.
Control group: The scientific study group which is constant, i.e. without the effect of a variable.
Deduction: Logical consequences of a hypothesis.
Experiment: A specific scientific procedure to determine or test something.
Experimental group: The scientific study group, on which a variable is acting.
Hypothesis: A tentative explanation of observation.
Law: An irrefutable theory; a constant fact of nature.
Observation: The act of noticing or perceiving something.
Theory: The accepted hypothesis that stands the test of time.

Written By:        Asad Hussain        Khizar Ali