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Matric English Essay Sports and Games

Matric English Essay Sports and Games

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Matric English Essay Sports and Games

Sports and games are essential for health. They play an important role in the lives of young men and women. Games help to channelize the energies of the youth in constructive channels. The aim of education is the overall development of the personality of man. It means the development of not only the mind but also the body. It is a common saying, "A sound body has a sound mind”. Sports and games enable people to remain healthy and fit. They inculcate among the people a sense of discipline. They create a spirit of healthy competition. They keep the body fit. The best way to keep the limbs fit is to exercise them in sports and games of physical skill and strength.

It is good that our educational institutions encourage sports and games by organizing matches and awarding prizes and trophies. A number of schools, clubs and societies hold athletics contests. They include walking, jogging, jumping; swimming, rowing, boxing, wrestling. An athlete is trained to be fit to engage in such contests. That is why sports and games are becoming very popular in our schools and colleges. Our students take an active "part in all kinds of sports and games, because they know that "All work and no play make jack a dull boy". In this way they keep themselves healthy and fit. A player becomes a man of principle. He respects the rules of the games he plays. He leads a disciplined life. He possesses the virtues of patriotism, and loyalty to the nation. But the facilities of course, are not adequate at present. In spite of this, our school boys and girls know that their growing bodies need-regular physical exercise to keep themselves healthy and fit.

According to Hazrat Ali, the forth caliph of Islam:
"A healthy mind can realize God"

Sports and games help us to keep our body active and vigorous. They enable us to face the dangers boldly. They divert our minds form the daily routine of life. When we play games, we forget all our worries-and anxieties; they provide us with recreation and enjoyment. Games like cricket, hockey and football are very popular in our country. They inspire the spirit of team work. The discipline that is gained in playing up games is invaluable; games cannot only bring a good name to the country but also foreign exchange.

"Games and sports widen the mental horizon of players and make them true followers of the rule of law"

It is therefore, necessary that our Government should work out a long term national sports policy. The students should be taught the advantages of games in the school itself. Various games and sports should also be popularized and encouraged in rural areas of our country because nearly 64% percent population of our country lives in villages. The villagers possess better health than the city dwellers, by holding sports' and games in villages; we can produce many sportsmen of international level. Sportsmen and sportswomen should be given honor and big monetary incentives to encourage them.

"Games and sports develop character and give health which are quite essential for improving the quality of life, acquiring wealth and success"

Written by:  Shahid Bashir  &  Shakel

Compiled by: Asad Hussain