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Matric English Essay Boy Scouts

Matric English Essay Boy Scouts

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Matric English Essay Boy Scouts

Boy Scout is a member of the Boy Scouts, and international movement whose objectives are to develop character, physical fitness and citizenship of boys. They are trained for the responsibilities of adult life after through community and outdoor activities. Sir Robert Bader Powell, a British soldier, started his movement in 1908 in England. Scouting spread very, fast because of its simple and noble objectives. Now it exists in more than 140 countries. International rallies called jamborees are held after every four years.

The boy scouts organization encourages boys to participate in vigorous outdoor activities. Camping is a regular part of the scout programmed. The program also stresses the development of skill in woodcraft, swimming, first aid, signaling and other activities. Scouts are trained in First Aids, cycling, swimming, cooking, and extinguishing fire and other useful practical arts. They are also taught how to put up tents, make rope bridges and raise a flag. The boy scouts motto is "Be prepared" and the slogan is "do a good turn daily".

A boy scout takes an oath first. He tries to hold fast to his noble promise under all moral values and he fulfills his duties to God Almighty, to his country and to the suffering people. He is very eager to help the injured, the needy and the handicapped. He knows that a cheery smile and a helping hand can make life easier for others.

Moreover, a boy scout has qualities of leadership. He is firm and noble in command. He is humble and willing in obedience. He learns useful crafts and skills. He knows basic facts about trees, hills, rivers and stars. He is efficient in using a knife and axe, in trying various knots, in cooking food and in pitching a tent. In peace and emergencies a boy scout shows courage, responsibility and self-confidence.

The Boy Scouts grow into loyal and useful citizens. They are trained in habits of obedience, cleanliness and truthfulness. They are taught to be always active and ready for any useful service which may be required of them, and for which they may be fit. All scouts are equal, and are brothers and have to take a pledge before they become a scout to obey a scout law, and to be loyal to the country. A Scout's word is always to be believed.

A Scout looks very smart in his uniform. He always carries a rope and a handkerchief and a long stick is always with him for use in emergencies. Scouts salute by raising the first two fingers of the right hand to the forehead. In several schools, scout troops have bands of their own. The scouts render very useful service on great fairs. In short, the Boys Scouts movement proves useful for the suffering humanity. It creates a zeal for service and cooperation among boys and youths.

Written by:  Shahid Bashir  &  Shakel

Compiled by: Asad Hussain